Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, it took me 5 goddamn years, but i finally graduated! its a great feeling, and im hoping i never had to sit in another classroom again. Now, i am just working and getting ready to leave for Washington in June. Ill be heading out the 16th for a 3 day drive (30 hours in the car is gonna suck). Ill be back mid September i think, so ill be gone for a while! This internship is going to be one of those experiences ill NEVER forget, and i will be taking plenty of pictures. Not sure how much ill be online, depends on how often i can get into town and find a wireless connection.

I think i have all the gear i need for the summer, man that stuff isnt cheap! Ill be putting it to good use though. Im going to need to bring a hell of alot of cigars to get me through 3 months, haha. Ive talked to the other people that will be on my crew, and they all seem like pretty cool people. It will sure be different having roommates that i dont know beforehand, i havent had to deal with that before. I think they are all as excited for this summer as i am, so it should be a pretty good group.