Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More enchantment pictures

These are the upper enchanments

Little Annapurna

These are the tracks from us glissading down the side of Little Annapurna

The view from the top of the pass

another view of Colchuck lake from the pass

I tried to load a video of my jumping off that rock into the lake, but it wasn't cooperating today and this coffee shop is closing so ill try to get it uploaded next time i'm in town.


Anonymous said...

Wow.... amazing stuff Ben. I was pretty far behind on your posts although I had heard about the goats. Ewww even. Sounds like you're have such an awesome time.


Anonymous said...

Come on down here boy and have a cigar...

Ben - sorry we haven’t talked in so long. I’ve been watching X-files with no lights on. Make you a deal - name this cigar and you can smoke it.

More later. Reety all righty. Arf he said.


Ben said...

Cohiba Lancero or Trini Fundadores? BTW, who the hell is this?

Ben said...
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Ben said...

ahh...i know who this is