Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beer suggestion 10-5-09

ABV: 6.2% ABW: 5.0% IBU: 35

For those of you out there that enjoy a good beer as much as i do, i figured i would start to do the occasional beer suggestion for those who enjoy my blog.
Great Lakes brewing company is out of Cleveland Ohio and makes a number of very tasty beverages. My current favorite of their beers is their Amber Ale called Elliot Ness. This is a nice malty beer with very nice crisp hoppy notes on the palate. Im no where as near as good at describing beer flavors as i am with cigars, so thats about as good as i can do as far as a flavor description. I am currently having one with an Oliva V cigar, which pairs nicely. The cigar is on the heavier side, and while the beer is not what i would consider a heavy beer, it works very well with a stronger spicy smoke.

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