Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trinidad Coloniales

Todays review is a cigar i haven't had before, the Cuban Trinidad Coloniales. This is a 5.2inch x 44 ring gauge cigar, topped off with Trinidad's signature pigtail cap. The wrapper on this cigar is pretty much perfect, with no blemishes and no large veins. This is how a Cuban wrapper should look!

The predraw flavor on this cigar is very toasty and light. You can tell right away that this is going to be a great cigar and is made with some of the finest tobaccos Cuba has to offer. Right away after lighting, you get a very clean and smooth flavor with that very distinctive Cuban twang to it. This is a balanced cigar, no doubt about it. This is not a knock you on your ass type cigar, but one that is a bit more delicate and refined with a nice complexity to the flavor. This cigar has a nice woody flavor with a bit of cocoa and a very light creamy coffee bean aspect to it as well. I got this cigar from a friend of mine so im not certain to the box date, but im guessing early 08 or even late 07. It has a slightly young taste to it, but is not offputting. I think with a year or so more age on it that this cigar would be even better. This is a solid medium bodied cigar that will go great with a nice aged rum, which is what i went and poured myself a small glass of halfway into this cigar! This cigar remained very consistent and creamy with a perfect burn.

Trinidad is one of Cuba's pricier cigars, right up there with Cohiba. This cigar goes for about $12, so it is a bit on the pricey side. This to me is a connoisseurs cigar with its complex flavors and creamyness. With the smaller size, you need to take your time with this cigar to really enjoy the flavors and to make sure it doesnt burn too hot. That being said, i think that any cigar smoker would absolutely enjoy this cigar. These have terrific aging potential. What better way to unwind after a busy week than with a great cigar and a glass of rum while watching it rain!

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