Monday, December 7, 2009

Alec Bradley SCR

Todays review is of the Alec Bradley Select Cabinet Reserve Robusto. This 5X50 cigar sports a huge band and a smaller one on the foot, which is a little overkill but I actually like the packaging on most of Alec Bradley's cigars. The wrapper is Honduran, the binder is Honduran/Indonesian, and the filler is a mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. I am always impressed with the blends Alec Bradley comes up with. This is a nice looking cigar, even with a slightly veiny wrapper. I found no soft spots and it seems to have a very even roll to it.

The predraw shows some cocoa mixed with musty tobacco flavors. The classic woody flavor I usually find at the core of Alec Bradley cigars is present right away, with a very prominent and pleasant leather note. There is also a light coffee flavor here, nothing too dark, but nice and creamy with just a little spice on the finish. This is a very smooth cigar, hovering right around medium bodied, but definitely full flavored. At the halfway point, a cinnamon/sugar cakey flavor shows up to the party, and was definitely welcome.

This was another tasty cigar by Alec Bradley. I bought this one at an event for around $6, and will definitely be picking up a few more. This a very smooth, flavorful cigar that probably won't wow you, but definitely won't disappoint. For me, this is another great afternoon cigar.

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Cigar Inspector said...

This is definitely a tasty stick, as well as the Prensado.
Thanks for the review.