Monday, November 16, 2009

CAO La Traviata

Todays review is of the new CAO La Traviata Radiante (toro). This chunky cigar measures in at 6x52. This cigar has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Cameroon Binder, and Nicaraguan/Dominican filler.

The slightly bumpy wrapper on this cigar feels really nice and oily, and the cap was applied a little sloppily. The predraw shows a slightly loose draw with flavors of leather and cedar. After lighting, I am definitely tasting that leather and cedar flavor I got on the predraw, but with an additional sweet creamy flavor. I am also getting just a hint of spice on the finish. This cigar might be a little young, which might explain why it is slightly harsh on the back of the throat.

Most of my friends in the cigar world know I used to smoke a ton of CAO, but pretty much gave up the brand a few years back. To be honest, I got tired of all of the companies effort going into marketing and the cigars being sub par. I don't mind if a company wants to do all kinds of flashy marketing to draw people in, but you better have a great cigar to stand behind all of the flash. I don't buy cigars because the boxes look cool, all i care about is the cigar inside! This is the first CAO I have purchased for a very long time, and it just so happens to be the simplest packaging they have done.

Ok, back to the cigar. The construction seems great, the ash is holding on nice and strong and the draw isnt as loose as I had originally thought. CAO's have let me down in the flavor department many times, but never in the construction, I have to give them credit there. The leather, cedar and the slightly syrupy sweet flavors seem to make up the dominant taste to this cigar.

The CAO La Traviata really surprised me. While it isn't going to become one of my favorites or a staple in my humidor, I will probably smoke it again. The biggest draw to this cigar is the pricepoint, its nice to see a cigar that smokes well and has some nice flavor for under $5. While in general I am still not a fan of CAO's cigars, this is the one to pick up if you want a CAO.

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Seth said...

I like that your reviews don't give points or scores. I appreciate that you give a true review and let the reader decide if they would like to try that cigar. Thanks.