Monday, February 8, 2010

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petite Robusto

I have reviewed the My Father Le Bijou blend before, but I figured reviewing a different size couldn't hurt. I did the Toro last time (where I gave a little more info on the background of this cigar), and this round I am reviewing the Petite Robusto, which measures in at 4.5 X 50. This cigar is another one of Pepin's Nicaraguan Puros, with a Habano Oscuro wrapper. The wrapper is beautiful. Very dark and very attractive. Like usual, Pepin knows how to roll a cigar, and this looks impeccable. Being a smaller cigar, the 2 bands pretty much cover up the entire stick, which is just a little odd looking, but at least they are attractive bands.

The draw seems a little loose, and like the Toro, shows cedar and a little spice on the predraw. This cigar starts out with waves of thick, spicy smoke that tingles the nose. This certainly hits the ground running. After a few minutes the spice calms down just a little bit, and a hard wood and earthiness really start to take over as the dominant flavors. I don't remember the toro having such a woody flavor profile, but all of the other flavors I noted in the Toro review are here, along with that creamy porter characteristic. The burn has been pretty even, and the ash is very white and solid. I am always amazed at the construction is any cigars that come out of Pepin's factories.

This wasn't the first of the Petite Robusto's ive smoked, and it certainly won't be the last. I really like these when I want a premium cigar in a smaller format. These show a nice complexity with plenty of flavors to keep you interested. These are around $6.50-7 a piece, and are definitely worth the price. I would love to get a box of these in the near future. I did recently get a box of the regular My Father blend, in the belicoso size, which I will be reviewing soon as well, so look for that to compare to the Bijou line. I did a review of the My Father lancero a while back, but lanceros smoke very differently and I figured I better get a review up of another size of that blend. I think overall, I like the Bijou blend a bit more. I find them to be a more complex and richer smoke. These come in at a solid medium/full bodied cigar, where the regular My Fathers (at least to me) are a solid medium bodied smoke.

Here is a comparison shot of the My Father Belicoso (to be reviewed soon) and the Bijou blend. You can really see the difference in wrappers.


Carlos said...

I like this cigar better than the original My Father blend. Especially in this smaller format.

Anonymous said...

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matt.mooxi said...

Dude.. i like your blog i was going to start one up myself but i'm not sure i can beat this blog... and i'm sure i can't get my hands on some of the more interesting cigars you come across. But damn you, I now have a list of cigars i want to try that i can't find!!!great job keep up the good work.