Monday, May 17, 2010

Liga Privada "Dirty Rat"

Today's review is of a cigar I have really been looking forward to getting my hands on, the Dirty Rat by Drew Estate. This is an extension of the Liga Privada line, and will be released sometime this year from what I have heard. This is a pre-release, and not particularly easy to come by. They have been handed out at some Drew Estate events, or directly from some of the guys working for DE. I was very fortunate to get a few to review from one of the great guys working for Drew Estate. This Corona measures in at 5X44.

This is a very nice looking cigar. Like the other Liga Privadas, this is impeccably made with a very dark, oily and toothy wrapper. I am not exactly sure what the difference in the blend is compared to the Liga 9 or T52 is, but I am under the impression that the Dirty Rat is a unique blend among the Liga Privada line. The only thing I can pretty much assume is that these are Nicaraguan Puros. (I could be totally wrong about this, sorry!) The little flag-like pigtail cap is a nice touch to an already great looking cigar. Since this cigar hasn't even been released yet, they come with a plain white band with the words Dirty Rat in simple type. Its pretty safe to say this won't be the final packaging on this cigar when it gets released.

After a clean clip with my Palio, this cigar has a slightly open draw with plenty of spice even before lighting. After lighting...WHAM! Loads of black pepper spice pretty much assault your palate. This is one potent cigar! Just after the first 5 minutes of smoking the Rat I can tell that this is not a cigar for beginners. I think the amount of spice would be a major turnoff to someone who isn't used to spicy full flavored Nicaraguan tobacco. Even I was taken aback a little bit, and I would say that the majority of what I smoke IS Nicaraguan tobacco. After the first inch, the spice backs off just a little, letting flavors of leather and dark chocolate shine through. At the tail end of this cigar, the spice returns in full force! I am really enjoying the amazing amount of fresh cracked black pepper spice this cigar showcases.

The Dirty Rat is a spicy flavorbomb of a cigar! I am really looking forward to these being released. This will make a great addition to the Liga Privada line. When I say this cigar is spicy, I am not kidding. This has to be one of the spiciest cigars I have ever smoked. The nice thing is, even with the intense spice, this cigar never gets harsh. I have no idea what the price on this cigar will be when released, but I dont care. I will be picking up a few of these for sure! I can't wait to light one of these up again.

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Matt's Cigar Journal said...

Nice review Ben. I have been enjoying Dre Estate's reinvention of itself through the Liga Privada line. I look forward to trying these when they come out. Sounds like it is right up my alley.