Monday, June 7, 2010

La Aurora 107

Today’s review is of the new La Aurora 107. This cigar is available in a Robusto, Belicoso, and the size I am reviewing today, a 5.5 X 54 Toro. Honestly, I do not smoke a lot of La Auroras, but I am always looking to try something new. I want my readers here to trust me, so I need to let everyone know that I received these cigars from La Aurora directly. They contacted me asking if I would be interested in reviewing this cigar, and I told them of course! However, I told them I would review this cigar honestly, and just because they sent them doesn’t guarantee a positive review!

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, onto the La Aurora 107! This cigar has a Dominican binder, Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, and an Ecuadorian wrapper. This wrapper has a slightly reddish hue, and is nice and smooth with a few veins. This is a large cigar at a 54 ring gauge, and has plenty of heft to it. The predraw shows an open draw with a definite cocoa flavor. After lighting this 107 up, it starts out with a light spice and clear leather notes. There is a really nice underlying honeycomb sweetness here as well. This cigar produces thick, chewy smoke, which I like. There is a slight tickle in the back of my throat during the first inch of this cigar; maybe it is a little young? The burn has been dead even and this is holding a very solid ash that doesn’t want to fall. Towards the end of the first third of this cigar, some cedar flavor shows up and a lot more of that honeycomb sweetness I noted earlier. Also, a citrus zest undertone joins the profile and really ties the cedar and honey flavor together.

At the halfway point, the honey and cedar flavors are in full force with very little spice present (except on the retrohale). The leather flavors that were present in the first inch or 2 have dissipated as well. This has become very smooth, and that tickle in the back of my throat has disappeared.

The La Aurora 107 was a nice surprise. This is probably my favorite thing I have smoked from La Aurora, and I would definitely smoke these again. This cigar ended up being a solid medium bodied smoke, and those cedar and honeycomb flavors were very tasty. I am not quite sure what the retail price on this cigar is, but after looking at a few places online it seems like the toro goes for about $8. For a cigar this size and with the flavor it delivers, that isn’t an unreasonable price. At that price point, there are a lot of cigars that I really like, but I could still see myself picking these up when I am in the mood for a change. I usually smoke a ton of spicy cigars, and knowing I can get that leather, cedar and honeycomb flavor out of this one is good to know.

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