Sunday, September 21, 2008



The Tetons

Well, im back in the flat boring nothingness of Illinois. Yes, im glad to b e home. No, im not glad to be out of Washington. its too flat here and the air doesnt feel/smell right. I had a great time driving back home with my dad though, other than the insanely long hours behind the wheel. He got to Washington on the 12th. He wanted to do a serious hike, so i took him to Lake Minotaur, one of the hardest, yet shortest hikes on our district. It promptly kicked his ass but he still had a good time. The next day we did some bouldering and a short hike to the tunnel i had been wanting to walk through, which we did (it smelled pretty bad in there). Monday we left and drove to Twin Falls Idaho for the night, and then onto the Tetons! We did a 15 mile hike through the Tetons on Wednesday, then it was off to Devils Tower via a drive through Yellowstone on Thursday. In the Tetons/Yellowstone we saw a moose and some buffalo. This was a 10 hour drive, and we went pretty much strait to the tower to take pictures.

We decided to drive strait through from Devils Tower to my dads in Rockford, a 15+ hour drive. We made it, with some of our sanity in check,but not much. Having someone in the car on a drive like this made an insane difference, and i didnt feel like i was going crazy all of the drive.
I got back to Dekalb on saturday, to a very excited laurie, who made me an amazing pot roast dinner. This was a huge surprise, considering laurie has never been one to cook, and it turned out very tasty!
Back to work tuesday.

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