Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lake Josephine, Chain Lakes, and Doelle Lakes

Fog, lots of fog...

This past trip was rainy, cold, windy and muddy. It rained most of saturday and sunday, and was probably in the high 40s to lower 50s as far as temperature goes. We hiked 5 miles in on the PCT to camp at Lake Josephine, and were completely socked in by fog for most of the weekend as well. Sunday we did a 15 mile (round trip) hike up very steep, muddy terrain to the Chain lakes and Doelle Lakes to hang some signs, get rid of some fire rings, and pick up some garbage. This was the longest hike ive done, and it was pretty brutal. The 2 nights were miserable. We were so damp that it was hard to keep warm, luckily it was a short trip. I wasnt able to get alot of pictures on this trip, mostly because of rain and fog. The lakes were actually pretty amazing from what i could see of them though.

Lower Doelle Lake
Oh, we also got snowed on a few times as well. Not a very exciting trip report, sorry. Tomorrow morning i leave for my last trip out here! We are heading up to Ingalls lake to do some work on campsites and soil erosion for 5 days. Ill hopefully get one more blog up before i leave washington (leaving the 15th!)

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