Thursday, August 28, 2008

Climb On!

These 2 pictures are of the first route i did up Barney's Rubble.

I havent been rockclimbing in about 8 years, so the opportunity to get back up on a cliff wasnt one i was going to pass up! I went out with Adam, Blake, and 2 of Adam's friends who happened to be in town. Adam and his friends are damn good and very impressive to watch. I was a bit on the rusty side... We did 4 different routes, 2 of which i wasnt able to complete. We did 3 up a rock called Barney's Rubble and then one up a route called Classic Crack.
The third route i did up Barney's Rubble. This is one of the 2 i was able to complete.

I havent ever climbed a crack before, and holy hell is it different. My hands look like ive been fighting a brick wall and they hurt like hell today from learning how to hand jam. (hand jamming is where you cram your hand into the crack, then expand your hand by either cupping your fingers, flexing your thumb, or just making a fist so your hand wont slide out of the crack so you can get leverage) Granite is very rough, so cramming your hand in between the rock and then putting most of your weight pretty much takes all the skin off the back of your hand when you slip out.
Even though i only made it up 2 of the routes successfully, i was pretty happy with myself, considering i havent climbed in so long and hadnt ever done a crack climb before. The cuts, scrapes and bruises are definitely worth it! Im not sure if ill have a chance to get out climbing again before im done here, but i hope so!
Adam setting our route up Classic Crack. (which defeated me many times....)


Anonymous said...

Oh man, you're alone in your desire to climb big rocks and acquire cuts and bruises (well, if you're just considering you and me, that is). Congrats on the successful climbs though!


Amanda said...

You look just like your dad. It's really uncanny.

Anyway, that sounds really fun!