Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scottish Lakes and the PCT to Lake Valhalla

Since we got back 2 days early from our Augusta trip, we had to do 2 more days of work before our break, so Rich had us do day hikes doing wilderness ranger work (making contact with hikers, checking signs, checking wilderness toilets, that kind of stuff).

Loch Julius

Sunday we hiked to the Scottish lakes, which were appropriately cold, windy and rainy, but still pretty. We drove up through a terrible looking clear cut on the way to the trail, which was depressing, as those things usually are. We went to 3 lakes, Julius, Eileen and Donald. We had to dig a new toilet at lake Eileen, which is about as fun as it sounds.

Loch Donald

Lake Valhalla
Monday we set off for Lake Valhalla, via the PCT. This hike was great, about 6 miles and a relatively flat and fun hike (a nice change from the very challenging hikes ive been doing the last 11 days). The weather was cool, but thankfully not as wet as the previous day. On the hike in we passed this boulder field and a family of marmots! I frequently hear these things, but rarely get a chance to see them this close up.

The rest of the day was spent checking campsites at the lake and doing some weeding towards the first mile of the trail. None of us were very excited to be pulling weeds again, but luckily we are off for the next 8 days! I am planning on getting a few hikes in and hopefully a trip to seattle.


Anonymous said...

When you were hiking the Scottish lakes did you think to yourself, " all other lakes are crap?" Great pictures. Looks fantastic. Breathe deeply for me.

So when you check the toilets, what do you check for exactly? - Mr. Cohiba

Ben said...

The Scottish lakes were cool, but Colchuck lake was the prettiest one ive seen so far. The way wilderness toilets work is that its pretty much a wood box on top of a hole in the ground. When the hole fills up, you dig a new one, bury the nasty hole, and put the toilet on top of the new hole and wait for it to fill up. uck.

Christine said...

Photos are so beautiful. Man, it's gonna seem so flat to you back here. Love the animal stuff: owls, marmots, urine-drinking mountain goats. Toilet work doesn't sound so good, but, hey, I cleaned the men's room at B&N tonight, so you ain't telling me &*%@.

brittany said...

so you have to deal with people's shit?


good pictures, for sure.

Anonymous said...

That's what I love about you Britty, all the amazing things he's doing and you're worried about him dealing with poop... hahahaha nice! You make me laugh.

Good stuff Ben.