Saturday, August 16, 2008

Days off

After working for 13 days in a row, we had 8 days off! I go back to work next thurs, so im doing quite a bit of relaxing before i have to strap on a backpack again. So far ive spent many hours in the hammock with a cigar and a beer, time in the lake on the kayak, and done a little bit of hiking. There is this old abandoned mining tunnel i had heard about so i went to find it, but i forgot my headlamp and only had a flashlight and it was way too dark to try to go through it with the light i had. Im going to go back to it, hopefully with a few people with headlamps so we will actually be able to make our way through.
entrance to the tunnel

Into the dark
looking back at the opening of the tunnel.

I took a day trip into Seattle yesterday, which was fun, but would have been more fun if i had someone to spend the day with in the city (Particularly laurie). I started out going to the Mac and Jacks brewery, but unfortunately they werent doing any tours that day. I picked up a few pint glasses and a growler of their African Amber Ale (soooooo good) which i pretty much finished off last night. Its only a little over 2 hours to Seattle, so not a bad drive at all depending on traffic. I also did some shopping at REI, Pike Place market, and a nice little cigar shop at the market as well. Im not sure what ill be doing for the rest of my days off, probably more of the same. Its going to be around 108 degrees today, so im hoping to go out kayaking in the lake again to cool off.

Hooray Beer!


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd come by and see how things are out West. It sounds like you're having a pretty good time--though I feel you on the lone traveling. I always want to travel more than I do, but it's difficult to find people with enough time, money, and inclination to join me. What about the folks you work with out there?


Ben said...

hey lisa, good to hear from you. i recently read about your wrestling escapades, quite funny. Nobody really wanted to go to seattle when i went, they were all out backpacking. Im sorry, but i backpack all week for work, when i have some time off i want to relax a bit! none of my crew wanted to go to seattle to begin with, but everyone of them ended up going anyway at a later date with other people on the crew.... To be honest though, it was nice to have a break from everyone. its hard to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same group of people and not want to smother them in their sleep from time to time, so i didnt mind being in seattle without them, but a travel companion would have been nice.