Friday, December 12, 2008

Why Cigars?

I often get asked why i am so into cigars, whats the appeal, etc. I figured as i sit here smoking a Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Toro (a cigar i highly recommend) that i would answer some frequent questions i get about this hobby.

So, onto the main question, why do i smoke cigars? Cigars bring a lot of pleasure to my life on multiple levels. First, as most people that really know me are aware of, i tend to be on the anxious side and fairly stressed in general. Cigars were the first thing i found that really makes me sit down and relax and just take it easy. When having a cigar, there are many things to kick back and enjoy. From the fantastic flavors and aromas that different tobaccos from different countries possess, to enjoying a totally hand made product that takes an amazing amount of skill to put together. So much thought and skill goes into each and every cigar, from the care it takes to grow,dry, ferment and age the leaf, to the actual blending of the cigar, and then finally onto the construction.

Yes, there are some health concerns when it comes to cigars, but i feel that as long as consumed in moderation, its something im willing to deal with. Cigars arent an addictive product like other types of tobacco, no matter what other people say about them. Ive never once thought to myself, wow, i really need a cigar right now. I can go days or even weeks without a cigar and be completely fine about it. Not that i wouldnt want to enjoy a cigar during that time, but ive never needed one like people do that smoke nasty cigarettes. The day i feel like i need a cigar on a physical level, is the day i stop smoking cigars because then it wouldnt be an enjoyable activity. The only addicting part about cigars is buying, collecting,and trying out all of the new stuff on the market. The downside being that its a bit of an expensive hobby.

Another thing about cigars that really drew me to this hobby, is the community surrounding them. I became very active in the online cigar community, and have made to be what i consider some very good friends around the world. Ive traveled across the country for cigar events just to hang out with these people, and have been humbled by the generosity of many people who share my passion for cigars.

There is always something new to learn about the world of cigars as well. Im constantly reading about whos blending what, whos putting new product out, history behind brands and about legends of the industry.

Another really fun part is trying different drinks with different cigars. A cognac may work with one cigar, but then not at all with something else. Its interesting to see which liquors/beers go with what blends.

If anyone has any questions, lets hear them!

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Anonymous said...

Well said Ben. The most addictive part of this hobby is the community both online and around local brick and mortar cigar shops. Some of the nicest and most generous people you'll ever meet hang out in cigar shops and on cigar forums.