Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Illusione cg4

This is a cigar I've had a few times, and have really enjoyed. Illusione is a boutique brand of cigars that are Nicaraguan Puros made by Dion Giolito. The Illusione line is blended with tobacco from first generation Corojo 99 and Criollo 98 seeds. (borrowed some info on this cigar from a few different sites). The wrapper is a nice dark Colorodo with a nicely constructed cuban style triple cap.
The size im smoking is a 5 5/8inch by 46 ring, a classic corona gorda. This is a medium bodied cigar with a very bold and rich flavor. The draw is very cubanesque, with just the right amount of resistance. This is a leathery cigar with some cocoa coming through, and definitely an earthy characteristic. The espresso flavor im getting is powerful, like a freshly pulled shot from your favorite cafe. Its not bitter, but very pleasant. I think its funny that i really enjoy a coffee flavor in a cigar, yet dont yet dont enjoy drinking coffee. The finish is very long and really coats the palate. This is a complex cigar to say the least. Some of you may wonder about my tasting comments, and notice that yes, i do record reoccuring flavors among many cigars. This is probably because i smoke a lot of nicaraguan cigars for this blog and they all have a familiar taste from the Nicaraguan tobacco, but each cigar has its own unique profile, even if im getting some of the same flavors between brands.

This cigar is similiar to Tatuaje, another nicaraguan puro, but has its own unique twang to it. Illusione has much more espresso flavor, while tatauaje is much spicier. I really like the simple packaging behind this brand. Simple white band with black lettering, presented in a simple hinged cabinet box. There is something to be said for simplicity in a cigars packaging. I like a brand that doesnt have to rely on flashy packaging and gimicks to make you want to buy their brand.

Im enjoying a glass of Goose Island Nut Brown Ale with my cigar today. This is probably my favorite beer from Goose Island, and works very well with a nice full flavored cigar. The nuttyness of the beer balances out the heavy espresso flavor of the tobacco.

Overall, i recommend Illusione cigars to anyone looking for a complex Nicaraguan smoke. This cigar is great now, but also has wonderful aging potential.

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