Friday, February 6, 2009

H. Upmann Mag 50

I was holding onto this cigar until i got a new job, but i think its going to be a while and im not that patient. This is the new H. Upmann Magnum 50. This cigar was originally released in 2005as an Edition Limitada, but has been re released in 2008 as a regular production smoke.
This is a 6.3 inch by 50 ring gauge cigar, which is definitely a favorite size for me. Its a large cigar but doesnt have a ridiculous ring gauge. I love the presentation of this cigar as well. The really nice Upmann band with the 2nd band labeling it as a Magnum 50 has a nice bold look to it.

This is a beautiful cigar that ive really been looking forward to. Construction and draw are perfect, with a really nice clean predraw flavor of very good tobacco and a slight sweetness. Right from the start you know you are smoking a Cuban H. Upmann. There is this slight earthyness with a really nice toasty flavor. This thing doesnt mess around, it starts off right away with an amazing flavor, which i love in a cigar. There is also a slight raisin/dried fruit sweetness that is really enjoyable. The smoke is smooth and velvety on the palate, i cant get enough of this cigar!

With this being from 2008, i would expect it to be showing signs of youth, with grassyness and not a ton of complexity, but that is dead wrong. There is absolutely no bitterness or signs of youth at all. This cigar is ready to be smoked now, or layed down for 10 years to evolve into something even more amazing. I think some of the more subtle flavors might show up after a few years of humidor time, but this isnt one that i feel like i am wasting by smoking it in its youth. I havent tried a lot of other cigars with 2008 box dates, and i hope this is a trend for Cuban cigars right now. You dont need a special occasion to light one of these up, this cigar IS the special occasion!

At the halfway point in this cigar there is a very subtle spice note on the finish and some of that dried fruit has died down but shows up on the palate occasionally. I read a review on this cigar a while back that said this cigar becomes a bit darker as you get into it, and i can really see what they meant. I am still really surprised at the complexity this cigar is showing already, and the further i get into it the more i am completely entralled with the depth of this smoke. The body is just above medium and very full flavored. I dont have any negative things to say about this cigar. It is on the pricey side, but if you decide to spend the money on a box you wont regret it. What a treat.


Salamanzar and Grand Poobah Wine Swami said...

So how do us lay-people get one to smoke?

Ben said...

Gotta know the right people! This one was a gift, otherwise if i had a box you would definitely get one. BTW i have a few cigars for you to try, but ill wait until it gets a little warmer out so you can enjoy them.