Monday, February 23, 2009

La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial

This cigar is another one blended by Don Pepin Garcia for Ashton. The one i'm reviewing is the Robusto size, measuring in at just under 5 inches by 48 ring gauge. This cigar is composed of a Nicaraguan Binder and filler, with an oily Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper. This cigar is as nicely made as any of the other Pepin cigars and sports the triple cap in traditional Cuban style that Pepin uses. The unlit aroma is powerful and tingles my nose with that very nice Nicaraguan spicey smell.
The predraw is very nice with a slight cinnamon and cedar flavor on the lips.

Upon lighting, the flavors that jump out at me are pretty much what i noted on the predraw, cinnamon and cedar. There is spiceyness i have come to expect with Pepins blends, and it is missing on this cigar. This isnt a problem, its nice to see him changing it up a bit. As i get further into this cigar, the flavor remains consistent with a toasty and earthy flavor showing up a bit. Curiously, this is marketed as a spicey medium to full bodied cigar, and im definitely not getting that. Towards the end i am seeing signs of youth on the palate with a slightly green taste. This taste isnt enough to make me put the cigar down, but shows me that a a few more months in the humidor would benefit this cigar.

This is turning out to be a great after lunch cigar for me, medium bodied and very approachable. It isnt overly complex but definitely not boring. I wouldnt smoke this after a heavy meal or with a strong beer or liquor. Im having Pepsi with it this round and it works pretty well, but for drink pairings, i would love to smoke this with sweet iced tea. I can see someone with an experienced palate enjoying this cigar as much as someone relatively new to cigars. These go for around 6 bucks a piece, which isnt bad considering its sold by Ashton. To me, this isnt a typical Pepin cigar, but its worth trying if you enjoy his blends, just dont expect his spicey profile.

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