Tuesday, June 23, 2009

24th Birthday cigar!

After a great lunch of Sushi with laurie, its time for a cigar! I always like to save a special cigar for my birthday, and this years cigar is the Cuaba 2008 Edicion Limitada. This pyramide measures in at 6.1 inches by 52 ring gauge. I am not really going to do a full review on this one, as i just want to sit back, relax and enjoy this splendid cigar! What i will tell you though is that it has that rich dark flavor i have come to exect on most limited edition cubans. There is a nuttyness, dark chocolate and a touch of spice, and is right in the medium/full bodied range.

Thankfully it doesnt show much youth to it, which a lot of young ELs do. The tobacco was aged for a minimum of 2 years before being rolled, and with about a year of humidor time on it, these are smoking very well already. The wrapper on this cigar is very oily and very inviting! There is also a nice black cherry flavor that showed up on this cigar.

Onto the drink! I got a bottle of rum i have been after for a while from my sister this past weekend, Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva. This is a very flavorful rum that seems perfect for sipping alongside your favorite cigar. The combo of aged rum and a great cigar is hard to beat.

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