Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ashton Cabinet Selection No. 6

Todays review is of the Ashton Cabinet Selection No.6, which measures in at 5.5 inches by 52 ring gauge. This cigar has a Dominican binder an filler, with a Connecticut shade grown wrapper. The construction looks flawless, like most ashton products, and the wrapper is very smooth and silky. Apparently the filler has been aged at least 4-5 years before rolling.

The predraw is shows a nutty characteristic, and mild tobacco flavors. Right away upon lighting, this is a very creamy, cedary cigar with a definite roasted nut flavor. For an after dinner cigar, this is way too mild for my tastes. Starting out, the body is very light and mild, but pleasantly creamy. If i was going to light another one of these up, it would probably be earlier in the day, maybe after a light lunch or even before that. The burnline on this particluar cigar has been all over the place, which is a bit on the annoying side. When i have to constantly touch up the burn on a cigar to keep it from canoeing, it takes away from the relaxing part of the cigar experience. The flavor continues to be creamy with a touch of raisin, and thats about it. Im bored with this cigar at this point. There is also a slightly unpleasant papery quality to this cigar.

I know people who love this cigar, but it really doesnt do anything for me at this point. I think i have one more left in my humidor, and i will save it for a day i plan on smoking in the morning. I do not smoke a ton of mild cigars, but when i do, i want one with enough flavor to keep me interested. If the next one of these i light up canoes like this one did, i'm going to pitch it. I cant stand a cigar that burns up one side like this througout the entire cigar. Some cigars will correct themselves when they start to burn uneven, but i had to touch this one up every 5 minutes. Here is the real kick in the ass on this one for me, these go for about 10 bucks a piece! If i am going to pay 10 bucks for a cigar, i want it to burn evenly and come through a bit more in the flavor department. If all you want in a cigar is a mild creamy flavor, then this is definitely a cigar for you if you dont mind spending 10 bucks on it. The thing is, i know quite a few other cigars where i can get a very similar flavor profile out of for half the price, without the burn issues. For Ashtons, i think ill stick with VSGs, San Cristobals, and La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especials.

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