Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip part 2

We started off with a Cuban Fonseca Cosacos tuesday morning before our friend Rich showed up for a short visit. Once he arrived we headed to a cigar shop where we all smoked the new Alec Bradley SCR Robusto, which turned out to be a pretty decent cigar. For lunch we went to this little Cuban restaurant for Cuban sandwiches, which was a first for me (and hopefully not the last!) Rich left a little bit after lunch and Carlos and i decided to head down to his office for a cigar since it was a bit hot out. I had the 601 Habano Robusto (another great cigar by Pepin). For dinner we went to Rio 22, a Brazlilian style steak house, where i think i ate more than any person should ever eat. To finish off the day we lit up 6 year old Fuente Opus X Super Belicosos. The age really rounded this cigar out and was great after a heavy meal.

Rich and I at Holts
We left around 9am and headed down towards Philly to meeet up with Rich again(had an El Rey De Los Habanos for the drive). We looked through his amazing humidor (aristocrat) and he sent me off with a fantastic array of cigars. After hanging out at his house for a while, we headed to Holts to do some cigar shopping and of course, have another cigar!(Tatuaje Verocu no.9) Our friend Steve was able to meet up with us at Holts (didnt get a chance to get a pic with him) and then since we were in Philly, we had to get Cheesesteaks! Steve brought me a few fantastic cigars as well. We parted ways and headed back to Jersey, Oliva V being the cigar for the drive this time. We ended a cigar filled day with 2 year old Tatuaje Unicos. Carlos had been holding onto this box for a while now and was waiting for the right time to crack it open, which apparently was me visiting!
Tatuaje verocu no.9 (holts Exclusive)
We started thursday afternoon with a nicely aged Hoyo De Monterrey Du Prince while grlling HUGE steaks for a late lunch. We then headed back to the cigar shop for a few cigars we had been waiting for them to get in all week. This was the Illusione mj12, the newest addition to the line. Of course then i had to try one and wasnt let down. For dinner we went back for more sushi, and then ended our week of insane cigar smoking with a La Flor Coronado. I took off friday morning for Massachusetts, but not before Carlos handed me a bag of cigars (because apparently he hadnt provided enough that week...) and a really nice bottle of port!
Illusione mj12

I cant thank Carlos and Eva enough for letting me stay with them for the week. I had a great time hanging out with them and their kids. Also, thanks again to Rich and Steve for the cigars!

Carlos and I enjoying a Coronado.

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