Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This was the 2nd part of my trip and i figured i would do a little write up on it as well, even though its not cigar related, haha.

Friday after leaving Carlos's house, i headed north to my Aunt and Uncles house in Massachusetts for the weekend. Saturday we were invited to a friend of my Uncles beach House. This house was in Road Island, and was insane. This was probably a 5 million dollar house, no joke. Theater room, Elevator, you name it, this house had it.

We arrived and were told that lunch was ready, and to go get our lobster and start eating! I couldnt believe it. They had probably 30 2lb lobsters for all the guests, i was in heaven. We spent the day boogie boarding in the ocean and just lounging on the beach. I could live like that!
My cousin Reed, me and my Uncle Rick
The rest of the time with my family was spent hanging around the house with my 3 cousins, playing ping pong and just relaxing. Monday i drove to Ohio and am here until wednesday, and then its time to get back to reality. Overall this was a great trip!
my cousin Emily and I

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