Monday, July 13, 2009

Trip to New Jersey! pt.1

Sunday i drove the 14 hours to my friend Carlos's house, a good friend from the cigar community. The drive was pretty uneventful, other than the bear that ran out in front of my car, and getting pulled over literally 1 minute from Carlos's house (apparently you cant talk on your cell phone while driving in NJ? at least he didnt give me a ticket) He welcomed me late last night by handing me a Cohiba Siglo I that smoked wonderfully. Today we visited 2 cigar shops, where i smoked a La Aroma De Cuba Especial, followed by a very tasty Illusione 88 Robusto.

Carlos hadnt ever had Sushi before, which just isnt right, so we went to this little sushi place and had some pretty damn good food, which was followed up with some Brooklyn Lager and a Tatuaje Cojonu 09 that he gave me. The Tatuaje was really good, not quite as good as the 03, but damn close. To finish off the night, we had this cigar made by La Flor Dominica called the Cheroot (aka Crack stick). This cigar was ugly, and man do i mean ugly! From what ive heard (this may or may not be truth) this cigar was made on a dare to Lito Gomez, the owner of La Flor Dominica. It is 100% ligero leaf, which is the strongest grade of leaf out there and is the leaf blended into cigars to give it body and full flavor, but is usually accompanied by a few other grades of tobacco to make a balanced cigar. This is not the case with the crack stick. These things are like a kick to the face. Strong, flavorful, and did i mention strong? I expected it to be on the ulpleasant side, and was actually surprised at how tasty it was. There is no balance or finesse to this smoke, just strait up power. Definitely worth trying, that is if you can get them. They are made exclusively for a shop in Raleigh, NC.
Standing in front of the humidor Carlos built.
More later this week!

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Salamanzar and Grand Poobah Wine Swami said...

Glad you made it safely. So I have to check out this Raleigh shop and buy all the crack sticks I can find huh? -Salamanzar