Wednesday, July 8, 2009

El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

Todays review is the Cuban El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme, which measures in at 5 inches by 48 ring gauge. This looks like your basic robusto as far as size goes, but is slightly thinner and considered a hermoso no.4 technically speaking.

This cigar doesnt have the prettiest wrapper for a Cuban, with a few big veins. There is a bit of a box press to this cigar and it has a really nice cinnamon spice and cedar aroma and flavor on the predraw. The draw is in the typical Cuban style, with a bit of resistance. The first few puffs on this cigar reveal that classic Cuban twang that i was hoping for. The flavors i am picking up on right away are cinnamon, cedar, and nutmeg, all wrapped up in silky smooth smoke. There is also a really nice toasty nutty flavor at the center of the flavor profile. This cigar is on the lower end of medium bodied, but is showing just how pleasant a lighter bodied cigar can be. The further i get into this cigar, i am noticing a really nice beany flavor and some floral notes as well. Somehow this unique flavor combo is working together quite nicely.

El Rey Del Mundo is not one of the Cuban brands that gets a lot of attention, but i am one to venture off the beaten path when i get the chance and am more often that not, happy with what i find. Ive had this cigar a handful of times, and i remember it always being a pleasant cigar to smoke. This isnt one of those cigars (at least for me) that really wows you, but it certainly doesnt disappoint. This cigar is one that i think most experienced cigar people would enjoy, as well those new to cigars. It is very approachable and would be an great after lunch cigar.

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