Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bolivar Petite Corona

The Cuban Bolivar Petite Corona measures in at 5.1 X 42 ring, which is the standard size for a Cuban PC. This cigar has a really firm feel, which sometimes worries me with smaller cigars because that can mean they are overfilled and will have a tight draw. Thankfully this wasn't the case with this one, it had a perfect Cuban style slightly firm draw. The wrapper was pale brown, and not very oily.There were some visible veins, but Cuban wrappers aren't always the prettiest.

The predraw had a mildly sweet and floral flavor, which was unexpected on a Bolivar. Upon lighting, I was greeted with classic Boli flavors of chocolate, coffee and that great earthy flavor that I expect with this brand. That classic Cuban "twang" flavor was really nice, and if you have had any experience with Cuban cigars, you will know what I am talking about. I forgot how good these smaller Bolivars can be! The flavor is very concentrated in a smaller vitola like this, and to those that don't think that smaller cigars are worth smoking....that leaves more for me!

After about 2 inches of this cigar, leather, a touch of spice, and cedar joined the already very complex smoke. The burnline was a little on the uneven side, but with flavors like this, who cares if you have to touch it up a few times! At the tail end of this great cigar, a nice graham cracker flavor joined the mix, adding a nice sweet characteristic to balance out the richness.

Overall, the Bolivar PC is a complete flavor bomb! Anyone looking for a smaller format, quicker smoke will absolutely love this one. Small ring gauge Cubans have such a concentrated flavor and this one is no different. If you know where to get them, (which I am not going into details about for obvious reasons) these can be had for around 5.50-6 bucks a piece, which is a steal for such a flavorful cigar. You can't go wrong with Bolivar!


Chris Cooper said...
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Ben said...

Thank you for your comments Chris. To all my other readers, I do not endorse the site mentioned in the previous post since I have no experience with it. I do not know anything about its authenticity.