Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tatuaje Reserva Regios

Todays review is of the Tatuaje Reserva Regios. This cigar measures in at 5.5 X 50, and like the other Tatuajes, is a Nicaraguan Puro. The wrapper for this cigar is different than the regular Tatuaje line, sporting a Sun Grown Broadleaf wrapper that is very dark, oily and a bit on the veiny side. Even with all the veins, it is a very attractive cigar. I picked this cigar up at Holts in Pennsylvania and have really been looking forward to trying this one.

The predraw flavors are nice toasty tobacco with just a touch of sweetness. After lighting, my first impression of this cigar is that it doesn't have the spice right up front like the other brown label Tatuajes. Instead it has a nice woody flavor with just a hint of spice i expect (very minimal though). This is a more refined and complex cigar, with a great cinnamon sweet flavor along with the woody notes. The aroma coming off of this cigar is intoxicating. This cigar has layers upon layers of complex flavors, and you can tell that great care went into blending this Reserva. After about an inch, a leather flavor joins the cinnamon sweetness and woody notes, what an amazing cigar! The draw and burn were absolutely perfect, not that i would expect anything less from a Pepin/Pete Johnson cigar. The ash has no problem staying on for at least an inch, which is a sign of great construction.

I paid $10 for this cigar, and while it is on the pricey side, it is completely worth it for a premium cigar. If you are already a fan of the Tatuaje's, then this one will definitely not disappoint, although it is a different flavor. You can really taste the Sun Grown wrapper on this cigar, and it perfectly compliments the blend. This cigar grabs your taste buds and doesn't let go from start to finish. This is one of those cigars you don't want to put down and if you are like me, you will practically burn your fingers finishing!

check out my friend Matts review of this cigar over at Matt's Cigar JournalWe definitely had similar experiences with this smoke.

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