Monday, August 3, 2009

Illusione mj12

Today's review is of the newest addition to the Illusione line of cigars, the mj12. This monster measures in at 6x54, and was added to the line as a replacement for the m7 Diadema size that was discontinued. (I heard it was discontinued because of the difficulty and price of making the diadema size) Like the rest of the Illusione's, this is a Nicaraguan puro with a Cafe Colorado wrapper anda triple cap. Dion, the owner of Illusione, likes to name his cigars in very unique ways. After looking around online, i found a response by Dion Giolito about the meaning behind the mj12; “The Majestic 12 were the individuals appointed by Truman to oversee the unidentified flying object issues that were extremely active in the 1940s." Interesting thing to name a cigar after.

This cigar comes individually wrapped in foil, which looks great and helps prevent wrapper damage in shipping/storage. (and its like unwrapping a present, who doesn't like that?) The only downside to this from a consumer standpoint is that you can't see if there is any wrapper damage or flaws since its wrapped up. Thankfully I haven't had any issues with Dion's cigars having wrapper problems, so I guess I will just have to trust that they aren't any issues!

The predraw shows loads of dark chocolate and leather and just begs to be lit. This is one of those cigars that hits the ground running as soon as you get it lit. The chocolate and leather flavors I tasted on the predraw coat my palate instantly, along with a bit of cinnamon spice and a slightly nutty finish. As I smoke this cigar, the flavors are constantly changing and shifting around with every draw. This has a very nice complexity and definitely keeps you interested throughout the lengthy smoke. I would classify this cigar as just over medium bodied and very full flavored. The burn line isn't perfect, but not uneven enough to mess with how the cigar smoked or really anything to complain about.

This is the 3rd mj12 i have smoked, and everyone has been fantastic. As I've said a hundred times, i don't prefer this huge ring gauge, but for this cigar's blend, it works really well. This is one of the few cigars with a ring gauge this big that i will definitely seek out. MSRP on these is $8.70, and for that price they are a steal! I paid 11 bucks for this at a shop in New Jersey, and while it is a bit over suggested retail price, it is completely worth it.

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Martin Hill said...

Yesterday I buy cigar of “mj12” brand, and as the name speaks “mj12”, that is “Majestic 12”, the taste is really majestic. This over-medium bodied cigar has a very complex taste and moreover, the flavor keeps changing continuously. But the best part I like is its finish, the “nutty finish”.