Thursday, August 20, 2009

601 Habano Toro

Today's review is of the 601 Habano Toro (aka 601 Red), 6X50. This is yet again another cigar blended by Don Pepin Garcia, this time for United Tobacco. This is a Nicaraguan Puro with a very nice Nicaraguan Habano wrapper that has a reddish hue to it.

The predraw flavors are slightly muted, with a little bit of cocoa and a slightly mustly flavor. Once lit, this cigar throws loads of earthy spice, leather and a touch of coffee bean at your palate. To me this is a medium/full bodied cigar that showcases Pepin's signature Nicaraguan spicy flavor that I thoroughly enjoy. I keep my humidor at around 64-65% humidity, but I think this particular cigar would be even better stored at a slightly higher humidity. The wrapper feels just a touch on the dry side at this humidity level, but it still smokes nicely. The burn is slightly uneven on this cigar, but that was easily fixed with a quick pass of my torch.

If you are a fan of robust, full bodied Nicaraguan cigars than this is one I think you will enjoy. Anyone who is a fan of Pepin's blends should pick this one up. I smoked this one around noon, but I think the average cigar smoker would probably prefer this one later in the day due to its strength. My only complaint is that the gold on the cigar band is so shiny that its hard to photograph! The 601 is available in 4 different wrappers, the Habano, Habano Maduro, Habano Oscuro, and an Ecuador Connecticut. I have smoked all of them, and the Habano (red) is by far my favorite. I paid about 5 bucks for this cigar, but i think that is on the low side and they can usually be found in the 7-8 dollar range.

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cigarsbymatt said...

Try the 601 Red Rabito. It's a Lonsdale and an excellent example of what makes the 601 Red a good cigar imo.