Saturday, August 1, 2009

La Flor Dominicana Coronado Double Corona

Todays review is of the LFD Coronado Double Corona, which measures in at 7X50. I smoked one from the box this one is from (out of my buddy Carlos's humidor) when i was out in Jersey and was given another to take home with me to review. The Coronado has a Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper, which is very oily, supple and has a wonderfully spicey aroma to it. The filler is a blend of Dominican Sumatra and Piloto Cubano and the binder is a Dominican Corojo.(taken from the La Flor Dominicana website) The only negative thing i can see as far as construction goes, is that when i clipped off the cap, there is a fairly large stem present in the filler. (This ended up not being a big deal and didn't have any impact on how the cigar smoked) You can see the stem in the picture below, in the upper right hand side of the head (lighter color).

The predraw flavors show a dank, earthy flavor (this isnt a bad thing!) with a bit of leather and spice i expect from this cigar. Upon lighting, the predraw flavors are what im getting. This cigar has a ton of earthy, leathery spicy flavor, but is really smooth from the start. This is a very full bodied cigar, but is sneaky. It doesn't seem that powerful, until about halfway through when you suddenly realize that its probably a good idea to stay sitting down. After about an inch, there is a definite cinnamon note mixed in with the other flavors of this cigar. You can definitely taste the Nicaraguan wrapper on this cigar, as Nicaraguan tobacco has a very different taste than the rest of the Dominican tobacco this is made with. The burn started off a little uneven, but after about an inch it evened out nicely.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable, very full bodied cigar. This is one of those cigars that you definitely need to smoke after a nice big meal. If you don't eat before smoking this one, there is a very good chance it could have you feeling a bit green. This is not a cigar for beginners, and is something you need to work your way up to. For those of you that enjoy a full flavored, full bodied cigar though, this is definitely one to try. A lot of strong cigars like this one have the reputation of being harsh, but this is definitely not case with the Coronado. Litto Gomez from La Flor Dominicana certainly knew what he was doing when he blended these! I would say these are my favorite of all of Lito's cigars.

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