Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nosotros sneak preview

Today's review is a treat, especially for me! The Nosotros, made by Dion from Illusione in collaboration with Drew Estates (first time team up with those companies) and will be hitting the market sometime in the next few months. I mentioned this cigar in my write up of the Illusione event I went to. This is the one I got from Dion himself, and it is from a batch he had made when he finalized the blend before they went into production. The sample I got is the Churchill size, which measures in at 7 x 48. These will come with a banded when they are released. After searching around online a bit ,and confirming with Dion, I found out the blend consists of a Nicaraguan Corojo 99 for the wrapper, a Nicaraguan Filler, and a Connecticut Habano binder. These are made in the Drew Estates factory in Nicaragua.

The sample I received has a slightly rough looking wrapper, but is solidly constructed with a great oily feel to it. The predraw has a very nice toasty characteristic with some definite barnyard dry hay flavors. After lighting this big cigar up, there is a definite sweetness with a crisp, spicey finish. This is going to be one of those cigars that will be hard to really pinpoint distinct flavors, as already there is a vast medley of flavors coming out of this cigar. There is a definite woody characteristic, with something else...this is a very unique cigar. This is a solid medium/full bodied smoke.

Talking with Dion, I got a little more info on this cigar. I asked him how he came to team up with Drew Estates, a company known for flavored cigars (ick). They do make a few other decent cigars though, besides their flavored crap. He was visiting their factory, and liked what he saw, so he asked them to bring him a list of their best tobaccos. After going through the list and finding a few things that he hadn't had before, and a few that he knew and loved, he had them bring the individual components for him to smoke. After trying out a bunch of their tobaccos, and liking what he saw, he started working on the Nosotros. (Nosotros means "us")

Overall, the Nosotros is a cigar to keep an eye out for. They were supposed to be released in October, but apparently they need just a little more time before they will be out, so hopefully within the next month or two. These have a very unique flavor profile that really brings something different to the table when it comes to Nicaraguan cigars. These are super smooth, with a really nice sweet and spicy flavor, but really clean tasting, not muddled at all. Smoking a cigar handed to you from the owner of the company makes it that much more fun too! Dion told me this sample is the final blend, and if that's the case i can't wait to get my hands on more of them and try the different sizes coming out.

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Matt said...

Awesome review Ben. Sounds like that binder is the same kind of Tobacco they are using for the Liga Privada T52 wrapper. DE calls it Stalk Cut Habano and it is grown in Connecticut. I will be keeping an eye out for these. I'm looking forward to trying one.