Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tatuaje T110

Todays review is of one of the rarer Tatuajes. Pete has done a number of special releases for shops across the country, and this cigar was made for a shop in Hawaii. From what I read, there were only 200 boxes made. This short cigar measures in at 4.3 X 52. The T in the name stands for thermonuclear, and 110 is the size in mm. Supposedly this is another all Ligero cigar, and is called Thermonuclear for its intense strength. Apparently there was a larger cigar Pete made called the Thermonuclear as almost a joke, and it supposedly was so strong not many people could smoke it without getting sick. (sounds like a challenge to me!) This version, from what I hear, is a little toned down, but still VERY strong because of all the Ligero leaf. This is a Nicaraguan Puro, like the rest of Pete's cigars. I was gifted this cigar at the Illusione cigar event I attended a few weeks ago by one of the regular guys that hangs out at that shop, If I remember right his name was Justin. If you are reading this, thanks again for the cigar! He offered me one to try and I just couldn't turn down the chance to review this rare smoke from one of my top cigar makers.

visually this cigar looks great. The construction is top notch, as I would expect with a Tatuaje. The wrapper is much darker than the normal Tatuaje's and is very attractive on this little cigar. I love that Pete went with the RC (Retro Cuban) bands on these, i think they have a very classic look. The draw is a little on the loose side, which I am hoping doesnt make this one burn too hot. The predraw flavors are very light, not what I would expect from a cigar called the Thermonuclear.

After lighting, it has the trademark Tatuaje spicy flavor, just amped up a bit. The smoke immediately coats the palate, and I am glad I have something to drink near by. There is definitely a little bit of leather buried in the spice, with maybe just a sprinkle of dark chocolate and coffee bean in there as well. So far this is a very good cigar and nicely balanced for being so spicy due to the amount of Ligero present in the blend. This is certainly a full bodied cigar after even just an inch, but not overwhelmingly so. (not yet anyway). At this point the spice has mellowed just a little bit, and an earthy flavor joins the party. After all i heard about this cigar, I kind of expected it to be overly strong, but its not. It has power, but balance as well. If this is a strait Ligero cigar, it blows the Cain out of the water.

The Tatuaje T110 was a great cigar. Too bad I will never see another one again, and if you don't already have one (or have a very generous friend to get one from) it is unlikely you ever will due to the fact that so few were made and they sold out very quickly. I love a nice full bodied cigar like this that still has plenty of flavor and balance to it.


Matt said...

Great review Ben. I have one in my humidor but I want to give it some time to age a bit first. I am hoping I can keep my hands off of it until it turns at least two years old, maybe three. My friend Jamie smoked one the same night I got mine. Man did that cigar stink. the aroma was strong and kind of pungent. The only way we could think to describe it was "stinky" I wasn't necessarily a bad aroma, but it was certainly unique. did you happen to notice that with yours. Just curious.


Ben said...

I remember it definitely having a strong aroma, but nothing i found overly offensive. I think you will like this one when you finally light it up. They are powerful, but no where near as strong as everyone says. It was a very tasty Tatuaje!

Marvin said...

Thanks for the nice review Ben! Let me know if you want more.
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