Monday, January 11, 2010

Liga Privada T52

Today's review is of Drew Estate's new Liga Privado T52. Drew Estates is known for its flavored/infused cigars, but have started doing more traditional cigars recently. The wrapper is grown/harvested in a new manner, called Stalk Cut. My buddy Matt did a really nice write up on this stick, including a history of what stalk cut means, so instead of rewriting it all here and if you are interested, check it out over at Matt's Cigar Journal. I am smoking the Robusto, which measures in at 5 X 52.

Visually this cigar is stunning. The wrapper is almost dripping with oils, and it is super smooth and very dark. The construction overall looks very impressive, down to the very well applied cap. The predraw shows a slightly open draw, with flavors of musty tobacco and just a touch of leather.

Right away this is a very flavorful cigar, and it is producing a ton of fragrant smoke. There is a definite flavor of black pepper, leather and a touch of sweetness I haven't quite identified yet as anything other than just a slightly sweet characteristic. After about an inch, the spice calmed down and the leather flavor and just a little bit of espresso come up to the front. The burnline is razor sharp. The construction on this cigar is just phenomenal.

This cigar was a pleasant surprise. Its nice to see Drew Estates doing something that's worth smoking, because I am definitely not a fan of their flavored cigars. After smoking the Nosotros, which was a team-up of Dion from Illusione and Drew Estates, I was excited to try this cigar. It certainly didn't disappoint. This cigar was full flavored, with loads of leather, espresso, and black pepper. I was expecting a full bodied cigar, but this one settled in to a solid medium bodied. These are a bit pricey, the robusto sells for around $10.50, so it isn't one I will be smoking frequently, but it is beautifully made and very flavorful. So, put your opinion of Drew Estates aside (if it was a negative one) and seek out this cigar. Yeah, its pricey, but definitely worth trying!

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Matt's Cigar Journal said...

I really like the pre-production version I got to smoke. I have an off the shelf T52 that I plan to review in February. I could see myself smoking these pretty regularly. Nice review Ben.