Monday, March 8, 2010

Casa Fuente Double Robusto

Today's cigar review is of a rather hard to get cigar (depending on how close you live to Nevada), the Casa Fuente. This cigar isn't rare because of the quantities produced, but because you can only get them at one location, the Casa Fuente cigar bar in Las Vegas. One of my fantastic customers at Bull and Bear recently brought this back for me. The blend for this cigar is a big secret, but the general consensus is that it is a tweaked Opus X filler and binder, with a Cameroon wrapper. I have had a few of these in the past, and would agree that this tastes very similar to an Opus, but with the wrapper adding something something different to the flavor profile. The size I am smoking is a new one for me in the Casa Fuente line, the Double Robusto, which measures in at a hefty 5.75 X 52. This is the only Casa Fuente that comes in the cedar wrap if I am not mistaken. The bands on these cigars have to be one of the nicest, but flashiest out there, but then again these are from Vegas, so what do you expect?

The wrapper seems of high quality without any blemishes or major veins, but there is some wrapper lift near the not so neatly applied cap. I would expect a little more care taken with such a highly priced cigar.

The draw is perfect, and the dominant flavor on the predraw is light sweet cedar. After lighting, this cigar starts off VERY smooth with that classic Opus cinnamon spice and sweet cedar flavor. I think the wrapper on this really adds to the sweet flavor. The room aroma on this cigar is fantastic. When passing the smoke through the nose, the spice is definitely intensified, but not overwhelming at all. There is plenty of balance between the spicy and sweet flavors in this cigar.

After the first inch, the burn has gotten a little uneven, but I think that is mostly my fault. I just recently got this cigar from my friend, and being the impatient person I am (with very little self control when it comes to cigars like this) I didnt give this time to rest after its journey from Vegas. So, I will not blame the cigar on the uneven burn, but blame it on not giving it a chance to rest long enough in my humidor. The ash is very solid and holds on for an inch easily. The flavor has stayed pretty consistent, with loads of cinnamon spice and that sweet cedary flavor. There is a little bit of leather mixed in the flavor profile as well. I would put this right in the medium/full bodied category. I would really recommend pairing this with an aged rum like Ron Zacapa or Zaya.

The Casa Fuente is a very tasty cigar! While similar to the Opus X, changing up the wrapper to a Cameroon certainly mixes things up. I think the Cameroon really brings out a sweeter flavor from this cigar. While good now, I imagine this cigar would be even better with a few years humi time on it. This cigar will always remind me of my trip to Las Vegas with a bunch of the guys from We closed down Casa Fuente's bar 2 nights in a row and had an amazing time smoking too many cigars and drinking a few too many of the house Mojitos.

As a side note, Visiting Casa Fuente cigar bar is an absolute must for any cigar smoker in las Vegas. The mojitos are the best I've ever had, and lets just say the waitstaff isnt too hard on the eyes. A word of warning though, dont be shocked when you see the prices. Other than the Casa Fuentes, they have every size Opus X, Forbidden X and a bunch of other rare Fuentes, just be prepared to pay through the nose for them. The Double Robusto Casa Fuente goes for around $22, and if I remember right the cheapest Casa Fuente is the Corona Gorda, for around $18. These aren't cheap, but again, this is Vegas we are talking about! Would I go to Casa Fuente looking to stock my humidor? Hell no! The prices are way too high, but I would definitely pick up a few more Casa Fuente's knowing that I couldn't get them anywhere else.

PS, guys, if you bring your significant other with you to Casa Fuente, don't let them catch you drooling over the waitresses!

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Casa Fuente cigars are now available through Cigars Direct. They are still pricey though