Monday, March 15, 2010

My Father Belicoso

As promised, here is the review for the My Father Belicoso, to compare to the Le Bijou 1922 review I did recently. This is the original blend of the My Father line, blended in secret by Jaime Garcia behind his fathers back as a tribute to him. This Nicaraguan Puro has a very nice looking Habano Rosado wrapper. I really like the nice rounded Belicoso shape to this cigar. Measuring in at 5.5 X 54, this is a short, fat cigar, but because of the tapered belicoso head, it doesn't seem overly large as far as ring gauge is concerned.

The draw is pretty much perfect, with a mix of cedar, earth and dried fruit flavors coming through before lighting. This cigar starts with spice like expected with a cigar coming out Pepins factory, along with plenty of sweet cedar and leather behind it. The spice backs off fairly quickly and this settles into a very nice medium bodied cigar. In June of last year I reviewed the My Father Lancero, and looking back on my notes, I am seeing just how different the same blend can be in two different sizes. It seems like the lancero is a more complex version of this blend, not that the belicoso isnt a nice complex cigar. The lancero just seemed to have more concentrated flavors.

The burn and draw on this cigar couldn't be any better. The Pepin's really know how to roll a cigar. The construction on their products is just top tier. As I reach the halfway point, the cakey flavor I noted in the Lancero has shown up, but it is not quite as pronounced.

The My Father line by Pepin is another great cigar. Medium bodied, complex and beautifully made. Most of Pepin's cigars are in the full bodied range, but its nice to see that they can blend something in medium category that still has a great complexity to it. This has become one of my favorite late afternoon cigars. The Le Bijou line is a little richer and fuller bodied, and while I tend to prefer a fuller cigar, the regular My Father line is not to be overlooked.

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