Monday, April 12, 2010

Liga Privada no.9 Flying Pig

Today's review is of the Drew Estates Liga Privada no.9 Flying Pig. This very uniquely shaped cigar measures in at 4 x 60. (60 ring measured at the middle) Apparently one of the guys at Drew Estates saw it in a picture of a 1895 size chart from a cigar salesman case and decided to put it into production with a slightly modified Liga Privada no.9 blend (Nicaraguan).

The Flying Pig is a very interesting cigar. This is not a ring size I really gravitate towards, but this one seemed very unique. Since I really enjoyed the other Liga Privadas, I figured it would be worth trying. The Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero wrapper is amazingly dark and oily, and reminds me of what fresh espresso beans look like when I open up a bag at work. The Pigtail cap on this cigar is one of the coolest I have ever seen. This one actually curls around like an actual pigs tail! This is a very attractive cigar, even with the larger ring gauge.

The predraw shows a nice draw with just the right amount of resistance I expect from a pefecto, and a leathery and cedar flavor. After lighting, there is an immediate array of flavors mingling around. Definite notes of toasted cedar, strong leather and mocha. After getting into this cigar a little more, some black cracked pepper joins in with all the other flavors. The burn was a little uneven at first, but sometimes perfectos can be a little wavy starting out. This is a full bodied cigar, but not overwhelmingly so at all. I am impressed with how well this stubby little thing is performing! The burn evened out and the construction is very solid. I bet if I really tried, I could get the ash to hold on for damn near the entire length of the cigar, but I don't feel like ending up with a lap full of ash so I won't be trying that today.

The Liga Privada Flying Pig is a very nice cigar. This is no gimmick, which I could see some people thinking because of the unique size. The Pig is full bodied and very full flavored. They are beautifully made and show a complex array of flavors of leather, mocha, cedar and spice. Drew Estates has really nailed it with this blend. Between this and the Liga Privada T52, I am impressed. The ring gauge is a little bit over the top for me, but I would definitely smoke this again given how it delivers on flavor. These are available in limited quantities, so If you see them, give it a shot! At $12 bucks, they aren't cheap, but It seems fair considering how hard these are to roll.

What have your experiences been with the Flying Pig?

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