Monday, April 5, 2010

Tatuaje RC 184

Today's review is of the Tatuaje RC 184. RC stands for Retro Cuban, and 184 is for the length in mm. This perfecto is a monster of a cigar at 7 1/4 X 57. Like all other Tatuaje's, this is made by Don Pepin Garcia and is a Nicaraguan Puro. I love the presentation of this cigar, the foil and the old school looking band really sets this series apart from any other cigars available.

The wrapper is very nice looking like most Tatuaje's, and you can tell that great care goes into making this size cigar. There are a few prominent veins in the wrapper and there is a small crack above the band towards the head. (which didn't cause any issues) The predraw was fairly light with a little bit of leather and a dusty characteristic.

Once lit, this cigar starts out very smooth, yet powerful. A wave of leather and a flavor almost like spice cake really come through up front. The spice backs off after the first inch, but that cakey quality and leather flavor remain and are joined by a roasted nut/toasted bread flavor. Thankfully the burn is very even, as this can sometimes be a problem with a perfecto like this. The white ash holds on for over an inch, showing that this is a very well constructed cigar. That spice I noticed at the beginning of this cigar is still very apparent when passing smoke through the sinuses.

At the halfway point, this cigar is still very complex and has taken on a very creamy characteristic. That being said, the flavors have gotten somewhat darker if that makes any sense and just a little heavier. That leather flavor sticks around throughout the entire cigar and was quite pleasant.

This is a real finger burner that you just don't want to put down! That is really saying something with a cigar this size. For a cigar this big, it had better be fairly complex considering how long it takes to smoke. These are a little pricey, around $17 a piece, but you really get your money's worth. These are not an easy cigar to make, so I expect a little higher price tag for a unique shape like this. The RC 184 is a solid medium bodied cigar, a little different than the regular line Tatuaje's. If it were as full bodied as the rest of them, it would probably be a turnoff to most smokers given it takes nearly 2 hours to finish. So, next time your looking for a nice big cigar for the warmer weather, give this one a shot!

What do you guys think of the Tatuaje RC 184?

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CigarPalace said...

I don't really have a big history with Don Pepin or tatuajes but this one looks really awesome.
Very nice review.