Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alec Bradley Tempus Lancero

Todays cigar is a new one for me, an Alec Bradley Tempus lancero. This cigar measures in at 7.5 inches by 41 ring. This size cigar to me has always given off a feeling and look of elegance. A lot of people dont like this size though, people want a shorter fatter cigar for some reason in todays market. This cigar is made up of the following:
Origin: Honduras (Raices Cubanas)
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras

I dont smoke alot of Honduran tobacco, but you can definitely taste the fuller flavored Nicaraguan flavors coming in over the Honduran. If you are going to make a lancero, you better be sure you have a very flavorful wrapper, because the wrapper to binder/filler ratio is so different than a more standard shaped cigar.

So far this is a medium bodied cigar, with bitter and heavy earthy flavor. The wrapper looks like a bar of dark chocolate. There is also a very woody flavor coming through on this cigar, but overall it is very one dimensional so far. That bitterness is almost like a strait espresso flavor. You need to take your time with a lancero, because of its small ring gauge. If you dont, it will burn hot and bitter. Im taking my time with it, but getting impatient. I want to like this cigar, its affordable, very nice looking, and one of my favorite sizes. Not a lot of companies are making lanceros. Overall, not what i expected, but not bad. Would i try it again? yes, but i would probably try another size since this one wasnt my cup of tea.

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