Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oliva V and Bells Porter

Tonights cigar and drink combo is one of my favorite cigars, the Oliva V and a newer beer to me, Bells Porter. Oliva V's have become one of my go to cigars over the last year, with their silky smooth and oily Sun Grown Habano wrapper. This is another Nicaraguan Puro (ive been gravitating towards Nicaraguan puros lately) that doesnt disappoint. This is a spicey cigar with an ample amount of ligero in the blend. A lot of companies are using too much ligero these days in their blends to up the spice factor, but suffering when it comes to balance. The blenders at Oliva dont make this mistake in my opinion. The other two types of leaves, seco and volado must be used to create a nice balance of spice and smoothness to round out the cigar, which Oliva does nicely. This is not a cigar i would recommend for beginners, as it is tongue tingling spicey with ample amounts of black coffee and bitter chocolate. The spice has that definite black peppercorn kick to it. This cigar is producing ample amounts of smoke with a very roasty room bouquet, and has just the right amount of tug on the draw, not too loose, not too tight.

Onto the beer. I picked up Bell's Porter on a friends suggestion, and his taste didnt disappoint! This beer is great with a full bodied cigar like the V, having its own roasted coffee flavors with a slight bitterness that really works well with this malty beer. This is an almost black porter with a tannish brown head. Smooth and flavorful b ut not overwhelming like some porters and stouts can be.

The nice thing about the Oliva V, is that it doesnt break the bank to pick one up. These are an affordable cigar that delivers. These have definitely made it into my cigar rotation and i always manage to have a few tucked away in my humidor.

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