Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ashton San Cristobal Event

Tonight was the Ashton San Cristobal Event at Bull and Bear Tobacco, my favorite local shop. What a fun evening filled with a ton of cigars, great food and drinks (beer, wine, you name it)! A San Cristobal Fabuloso (Torpedo) was provided to smoke, which i did, and i also picked up 3 San Cristobal Guajiro's (6 5/8 X 46) and smoked one of those as well. They did a few different raffles, and i won a bag of Ashton cigars to cap off the night! San Cristobals are fantastic cigars, blended by Don Pepin Garcia for Ashton ,and as anyone who reads my blog knows, im a huge Pepin fan.

The La Aroma De Cuba Especial (pictured on the right) and the machine made cigar on the bottom were given to me on the side by the rep, who i talked to for at least 2 hours tonight. There was also an Ashton Maduro in the cigars i won, but i gave it to my buddy Jim who went to the event with me. Alex Merick was the Ashton rep at the event, and was an absolute pleasure to talk to. He was very down to earth and a fun guy to talk shop with, and he certainly knows his cigars!

Thanks again to the fine people at Bull and Bear for a really fun event!

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