Sunday, May 24, 2009

Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo

Todays review is of the Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo, measuring in at 5.5 inches by 50 ring gauge. This is the maduro version of this cigar, which is also available in a natural wrapper. This particular cigar was sent to me by a friend who has aged these for a very long time. Im not sure how long, but i would assume at least 5+ years. This is more commonly known as a PAM (Padron Anniversary Maduro) and is one of Padron's super premium cigars. This is Nicaraguan Puro with a severe box press to it. The tobacco is aged for 4 years prior to being rolled.

This is a very solid feeling cigar, which i have noticed with most Padrons. They always feel overfilled but never smoke like it. The wrapper is slightly rough to the touch but with some nice oils present, and looks very apetizing with its dark chocolate coloring. The cap looks terrible, which is another common theme with Padron cigars from my experience. The predraw flavor is of properly aged tobacco and chocolate...loads of dark chocolate.

Right from the start this is an excellent cigar, with loads of that chocolate flavor present on the predraw, and a slight sweetness that im guessing comes from the maduro wrapper. This is a very smooth cigar, and im sure having some major age on it makes this one in particular that much more smooth. The blend is superbly balanced and the burn line couldnt be any more even. The ash is a very nice white color that holds together very well.
As i get into this cigar, the flavors become richer and the body moves into the medium/full range while remaining very smooth. That chocolatey flavor has now been joined with a bit of an espresso flavor and a touch of earth. What i find really intriquing about this cigar, is that while it has that definite Nicaraguan flavor, it doesnt have the spice i find in most Nicaraguan Puros. This is by no means a bad thing, its nice to see something unique in the mix of Nicaraguan cigars i smoke.

I am drinking a Moose Drool Brown ale with this cigar, and the malty flavors of the beer go very nicely with the chocolate i am getting out of the Padron. This would go great with any full bodied beer like a stout or a porter as well, and a beer like that would probably bring out the espresso flavor in this cigar a bit more.

So, if the thought of smoking a bar of chocolate appeals to you, then go get yourself a PAM! Yes, they are on the more expensive side, retailing for around 11 bucks for this size, and like other super premiums (Opus X, VSG, etc) there is usually a bit of a mark up making these a special occasion cigar. This cigar demands your attention when smoked with its complex and smooth flavors and deserves the high marks it gets among the cigar community.

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