Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Coffee Break

Here we go with yet another cigar blended by master blender, Don Pepin Garcia. This time hes blending for Nestor Miranda, maker of Don Lino cigars. I couldnt really find a lot of info on this cigar, other than its a Nicaraguan puro. This is the "coffee break" size, 4.5 inches by ring gauge. This isnt the prettiest cigar to look at, with a very rustic feel to it. The wrapper is nicely applied, but has a very large ugly vein up one side.

The predraw taste is fairly mild and cedary and the draw is just right. The first few draws show a medium bodied toasty flavor with a really tasty fruit flavor (a bit like black cherry). There isnt as much spice as i expected with this cigar being from Don Pepin, but its nice to see him changing it up between different lines hes blending for. There is a very toasted woody flavor present as well. This is a very approachable cigar so far with soft creamy flavors.

At the halfway point this cigar's flavor has gone a bit south. It has gotten a little harsh flavorwise though, and to be honest, a little boring. Also, there is a bit of tar forming at the head which makes for a nasty bitter flavor, but again, like the last cigar i reviewed, i cut a bit more off the cigar and it was fine.

Overall, this definitely wasnt a favorite. I like a ton of Pepin's cigars, but this isnt one of them. Would i smoke it again? probably not.

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