Monday, May 18, 2009

Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill

Todays review is of the Cuban Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill, which measures in at 4.8 inches X 50 ring gauge. (basically a Robusto) I am trying to go into this review with an open mind, but to be honest, i have never been a fan of the Romeo Y Julieta line as a whole. Hopefully this one will join the few Romeo's i do enjoy!

The wrapper on this cigar is attractive with a nice amount of oils present to the touch. The aroma at cold is of clean tobacco. This is a nicely constructed cigar, with a very well placed triple cap. The predraw has a slight amount of resistance and is pretty much perfect and has more of that clean tobacco flavor with a little bit of a sweet woody flavor.

The flavor right away is of a dried fruit, sort of raisin like. That woody flavor i got before lighting is mingling around in this cigar as well. This is starting off with a really nice complexity that is very intriguing. There is a smoothness to this cigar that i didnt expect,a nice creamy flavor that sort of reminds me of an English Breakfast tea with plenty of milk.
This is a nice slow smoking cigar, with really consistent and complex flavors. At the halfway point, i would put this down as being on the lower end of the medium bodied spectrum. The creamyness is still there, along with a citrus zest flavor joining in with the dried fruit flavor.
Towards the end of this cigar, the flavors continues to evolve and darken up a bit, but still remain smooth and creamy. The dried fruit flavor has come back in full force and the citrus zest has disappeared and been replaced by a bit of leather and just a touch of coffee on the finish.

Overall, i really enjoyed this cigar! This joins the Cazadores as another Romeo y Julieta that i would recommend, which is odd because the Cazadores is known as a rustic, spicey knock you on your ass cigar, and this is quite the opposite with its complex and creamy flavors. To me, this is a great late afternoon cigar.

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