Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2008 Bolivar RE Asia Pacific

Today is my 4 year anniversary with Laurie, and to mark the occasion im smoking the 2008 Bolivar Regional Selection from Asia Pacific for 2008 called the Short Bolivar. This is a short robusto, measuring in at 4.3 inches by 52 ring gauge. Some are calling this the Bolivar Fat Boy, and i can see why. The wrapper is slightly veiny and seems a little overstreatched, but still very nicely constructed.
The draw is very loose, which im hoping doesnt make this cigar burn too hot.
Wow, this thing opens with loads of the classic Bolivar earthyness, leather and a touch of spice. I can tell that i will have to smoke this cigar slow to keep it from getting too hot with a draw this loose.
Regional release cigars are commissioned by different distributors across the world specificially made to only be for sale in that region. Ive had the chance to smoke a fair amount of these releases thanks to some of my cigar friends.

This is not one of my favorite sizes of cigars, but i can see where some would like it. The flavors started out very nice, but have become quite muted in the second 3rd. I hope the flavors return as i get further into this cigar.
As i continued to smoke this cigar, the flavor returned a bit towards the last 3rd, with a bit of creamyness with it. That core of earthyness i expect in a Bolivar is still there, but not as up front as it was at the start.

Overall, this was an ok cigar, but didnt wow me. I think if the draw had been a bit firmer it would have allowed for a bit more flavor developement, but it burned a bit hot and i think some of the flavors were lost because of this. Its hard to really judge this cigar though because it is very young. I think these could benefit with some time in the humidor, but if that draw is loose in every one of these, then i dont know what these will turn into, if anything. If you, like me, want to try the regional editions and most new cigars out there, then give it a shot, just know that you may encounted a very fast burning cigar with a loose draw. I really like Bolivars and am definitely glad i tried this cigar..
A big thank you goes out to my buddy Dale for this cigar, thanks for the chance to try it!

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