Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ashton VSG Sorcerer (first review of the new year)

How was everyones holiday season? Mine was plenty busy, and i got sick after christmas so i didnt get a chance to have a cigar for new years eve, so today im smoking the one i had picked out for the occasion. The cigar is made by the Fuente family for Ashton. The line is the Virgin Sun Grown (or VSG) and sports an Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper. The binder and filler are Dominican and are supposedly some of the finest aged tobaccos grown by the Fuentes. This size is called the Sorcerer (The VSG line has silly names, but this is more commonly known as a churchill) and is a 7 inch cigar by 49 ring gauge. The wrapper is very dark and leathery looking, not the prettiest but still a very nice wrapper. This is a solid and firm cigar, but smokes perfectly. The draw and construction are spot on, with a very nice white/gray ash that looks really nice in contrast with the dark wrapper.

Onto the flavor. In my opinion, the VSG line showcases a leather flavor that i havent seen in many other smokes. Think of the way your favorite leather jacket or old catchers mit smells, and thats what this cigar brings up front on the palate. Surrounding the wonderfully leather profile is a crisp spanish cedar flavor that work perfectly together. This is definitely an after dinner cigar (im having it after lunch and its a little heavy for early in the day but i have no problem with this) and is rich and full flavored with no harshness whatsoever. This is a cigar that would hold up well with a good cognac or port, but im drinking a Dogfishhead Raison D'Etre (Yes, its only 3:30 in the afternoon, but i'ts my day off, DONT JUDGE ME!)

This is definitely a cigar i recommend to seasoned cigar smokers that will never let you down. The price point is around 10 bucks, so its not an everyday cigar, but certainly one you should always have a few of in your humidor.

Oh, i also got a new lighter from my mom and John for christmas! its a Xikar Axia Double flame torch that is absolutely amazing!


cigarsbymatt said...

Very nice review Ben. Cna't go wrong with a VSG. Waht are your favorites in the line? Mine are the Illusione and the Tres Mystique.


Ben said...

I Think my favorites are the corona gorda, illusion and the belicoso, but ill smoke any of them!