Wednesday, January 14, 2009

La Riqueza

These just arrived yesterday!

My christmas money usually goes towards a box of cigars, this year it was the La Riqueza no.3. This is one of Pete Johnsons cigars, the owner of Tatuaje. This is another fantastic cigar rolled and blended by Don Pepin Garcia for Pete. This cigar has a Nicaraguan filler and binder, with a very nice Natural Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. La Riqueza means "The Wealth" in Spanish. I havent smoked one from this box yet, ill give them another few days rest in my humidor before i light one up. I smoked my first of this blend this summer in Washington that i got from a shop at Pike Place Market.

The box i bought are corona gordas, a traditional cuban size of 5 5/8 inch by 46 ring gauge. They are a box pressed cigar, which means they are packed in the box fairly wet and take on a fairly square shape. This is a medium/full bodied cigar and very full flavored. I cant wait to start smoking them!

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Anonymous said...

That's a pretty box of smokes you got there Ben. Enjoy!