Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cohiba Robusto

Inauguration day! Today im celebrating not only Barack Obama taking office,but Bush being gone! To mark the occasion i am smoking a very classic cigar, a Cuban Cohiba Robusto. When most people think of a Cuban, Cohiba is the name that comes to mind. Just seeing this cigar always brings a huge smile to my face because i know im in for a treat. This marca is definitely on the pricey side, but you are getting some of the finest tobacco Cuba has to offer. If i remember correctly, the going price is about 15 bucks a piece on these. I havent had this cigar in a while now, and was fortunate to get it from a friend of mine on blowinsmoke. This is from a June of 06 box and he told me this was not an easy cigar to let go of, haha. A small glass of Pyrat XO rum will be paired with this cigar, which is a fantastic match to the Cohiba flavors.

The wrapper on this cigar is slightly veiny, but still beautiful. The construction and draw are perfect. The smell at cold is fantastic and has a cedary and grassy aroma that i expect on a Cohiba.

Onto the flavor. wow....i dont need to say anymore but i will. This cigar is exactly what i want when i light up a Cohiba. Cohibas show this grassy characteristic that you dont see in any other brand. There is also cedar, coffee, leather, a honey like sweetness (not overpowering at all, very subtle) and almost a dried fruit character as well. I recently read another review on this cigar and they described the dried fruit characteristic as kind of an apricot/peach like flavor and id have to agree. The grassy and cedar flavor are the dominant flavors for this cigar in my opinion. This is a very complex cigar, with such a variety of flavors on the palate that your never bored with it at all. This cigar demands your full attention during the entirety of it. When you light up a Cohiba Robusto, you shouldnt be doing anything else besides just sitting back and loving every inch of it.
The smell of this cigar is intoxicating. If i shut my eyes i can just imagine sitting on a balcony in Havana, smoking this cigar with a glass of Cuban rum as the blue smoke floats around me.
This cigar has tremendous aging potential, and someday i hope to be able to buy these by the box and hide them in my humidor for a few years.

Unfortunately, Cohibas are the most counterfited Cuban, so be very wary of where you are getting yours. If you can get the real deal though, they are heaven.


Anonymous said...

Excellent review Ben! When a CoRo is on, the just might not be anything better...

Susan said...

According to me, when a cigar is in your hand, specially cohiba , it feels like the top of the world