Saturday, January 17, 2009


This post is for my Aunt Suzi, a huge lover of sushi and all things fish, especially raw! I went and picked up some Nigiri and a snowcrab roll with tempura flakes on top for dinner tonight. Yum!
The place in town has a decent selection at a fairly decent price. My only complaint is that i ordered the combo of 1o piecesof nigiri, and they wont let you choose what you want, its the chefs choice. I understand that people like chefs choice selections, and i do too, but there were some specific pieces i wanted and didnt have that option. If i bought it all seperately its more expensive, but it guess you have to pay more if you want to choose what youll be eating. I wished they had put some Unagi in with the selction, maybe next time.


Salamanzar and Grand Poobah Wine Swami said...

Be, didn't know you were into Sushi. I'll have to set you up with real artisanal Sake sometime. Once you have had the good stuff, you will never go back to the industrial rubbing alcohol served in most American Sushi restaurants. - Salamanzar

Ben said...

i got into sushi over the last year or 2. I never liked sake until this summer when i had a really nice bottle with my buddy brandon in seattle. It almost reminded me of a crisp dry white wine. Very tasty stuff!

Anonymous said...

It's actually very pretty in the presentation. It's that whole taste thing I can't stand! I'm glad you enjoyed it, but bugger about them not allowing you to choose what you wanted. pfft on that even! Let's all go out for Sushi some night, Brit can have my share!! hahaha!