Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6-23 to 6-25

How could you not like it out here with this being your backyard! (literally, this is right outside my bunkhouse)

First week of work (so far)

Monday was a pretty good day, minus the still aching blisters on my feet from my boots. We did a tour of the facilities and then went on a nice long hike, so a pretty low key first day. That night I opened up the bottle of cognac I got from Britt (thanks!) and pulled out my birthday cigar, a 1999 Partagas Lusitiana. It was kind of weird not being around any family, friends or laurie for my birthday, but at least I had some amazing scenery.

Tuesday was our first real day of work, which consisted of hiking and doing A LOT of noxious and invasive plant control. Basically we go to different trail heads and pull weeds to prevent the spread of these invasive plants out into the wilderness. This happens by hikers tracking seeds up the trails, so the more weeds we get rid of, the less chance of these plants taking over the wilderness.

Wednesday was meetings, all day. It was what you would expect from a forest service meeting, emphasizing on safety, the dangers and benefits of fire, emergency procedure, how to cook meth…..that last one isn’t a joke. There was this drug enforcement taskforce guy there who was talking about how they are finding a lot of people cooking meth in the woods and he basically told us exactly what we need to know to set up a successful meth lab, including the dangers. The point of all of this was to show us what do to if we come across any of these materials and proper procedure so we don’t get hurt. It was a bit odd though since he really told us how to make it. Maybe he is running out of meth heads to bust and wanted to create some more so he would have something to do….

This is my tiny room in the bunkhouse


Laurie said...

I can't believe you have such an amazing view. I wish I could see it with you.
BTW, your room doesn't look as bad as I had imagined.
Anyway, miss you a lot.

Christine said...

It sounds like a good place and some good work. And who knew you'd learn how to make meth?

Gorgeous view you've got there. Keep the pictures coming.

Hi, Laurie! I work with Ben at B&N but haven't gotten a chance to meet you. I heard that you had an amazing trip to Europe at the beginning of the summer.

Don said...

See, Ben? Your internship is already paying off. Now you have a fallback career.

Matthew said...

Hey ben! sweet bed, I wish I could join you in it.

Matthew said...


brittany said...

hi benny!

sounds like you're having fun. that view is freaking amazing. i'm prettty jealous. though i'm sure you'll miss the cornfields soon. anyway, don't get your ass kicked too hard; i'll talk to you soon.

also, mom gets home today (saturday). call her, she is freaking out about not talking to you.

love you big brother!