Friday, June 20, 2008

Seattle antics

Getting ready to take off from seattle to head over to leavenworth where my internship is. Last night was insane. Dre shows up at around 4:30 and we head out for a beer. After that we went out for mexican food and some random anejo tequilas, then off to the only bar in seattle that allows you to smoke cigars on their porch. I drank cognac and port there, and probably some other stuff too. Following the cigar bar we went to this biker bar that ended up having a burlesque show that was pretty freaking awesome. We drank more beer and random other stuff too (i think?) The guys decided they werent ready to call it a night, so we hit up a bar called Cowgirls, which is a coyote ugly style bar that was definitely the craziest bar ive experienced. I dont know how dre and demon drink as much as they do, i couldnt quite keep up the pace towards the end of the night. After MORE beer and shots of tequila we called it a night. Dre went his seperate way to his hotel (he had an 8am ferry to catch this morning and i can pretty much guarantee that didnt happen) and demon and i headed back here where i promptly passed out. Im not used to this kind of partying, but im actually not doing bad at all this morning. great way to start the summer out in WA!

Brandon (digital demon), me, and Dre

Us again with brandon's friend justin

Dre trying to be cool

After the bars came the cheesesteaks!

I can't thank these guys enough. Demon was a great host and very generous (cigars, food, booze, couch to sleep on) and dre was also insanely generous, picking up drink tabs left and right

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Jodi said...

Goodness Ben, it sounds like you had one exciting week aleady! Work tomorrow!! Have fun and good luck.