Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thurs-Sat (june 26-28)

Holy big tree batman!

Thursday and Friday were more of the same, hiking and weeding, which seems like what ill be doing for the first few weeks of this internship. It is actually more fun than it sounds, I get to be outside all day in the mountains, so it doesn’t really matter that im doing the grueling work of pulling weeds, haha. Saturday was the best day so far out here. Our crew and a member from the fire crew took a hike up to Twin Lakes in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. It was a 4.5 mile hike in to the lakes, which were beautiful. Everyone wanted to swim, which I wasn’t thrilled about because the water was really damn cold. I gave in and jumped into the water, which promptly took my breath away in shock. After being in the water for a minute or 2 it was actually nice (either that or I was so numb I didn’t notice anymore
Me in the back, Jeff from the fire crew, and then natalie and ashley from my crew all freezing our asses off in the lake!

about to cross a river (which one of the girls slipped and fell into. It was funny and thankfully she didnt get hurt)


KP said...

Looks like heaven on earth. It is great that you really get to enjoy the area even though the work can be tedious. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more...

Andy said...

VERY good blog man! Great photos and it's a blast to read. Keep it up!

Christine said...

More pictures, please! More posts!